Investors beware: Over the years, a lack of financial regulation and a steady erosion of corporate oversight has opened the floodgates of potentially abusive behavior within some of the world’s largest corporations. Executives have carefully hidden risks that they have assumed, and they have failed to disclose the problems those risks have created for their companies and shareholders.

Roach Langston Bruno seeks to ensure that corporate officers and directors fulfill their responsibilities of full disclosure and transparency to those buying and selling their securities. The prices investors pay must reflect true risk, and every commercial transaction must be made with the benefit of accurate information.

We represent individuals and institutional investors in a broad range of cases involving securities, from publicly traded stocks to securities offered in private placement transactions. Roach Langston Bruno’s attorneys have vindicated the claims of investors and won substantial monetary recoveries. Our attorneys have also have prevailed in litigation that resulted in permanent changes in the law and corporate governance policies, helping prevent future misconduct.

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